Unque J-Tronic TM

Technology for an effective insect catch

Vector Classic


Vector ® Classic ® is a low voltage insect light trap (ILT) that captures flying insects in a totally new manner by utilizing innovative and revolutionary electronic pulse technology known as J-Tronics*. As flying insects descend on the reflective grid found behind the two 15-watt bulbs, a one-second low voltage pulse at eight-second intervals cause's insects to fly directly into the hidden, non-toxic glue board. The captured insects remain intact, allowing for easy identification and disposal. This sanitary method also allows for easy identification since insects are not dismembered.

The Vector ® Classic ® is designed to work silently, minimise disturbance and effectively control flies while sensitive accounts are in operation. The strategically placed glueboard captures flies and hides them from public view. The Vector ® Classic ® is a perfect choice for food processing plants, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and hotels.

The Vector ® Classic ® pioneered the insect light trap business and remains a leader in the industry today.


Food processing | Kitchens | Shops | Supermarkets |
Hotels & Restaurants


3 Mounting positions: The Vector Classic can be installed in one of three ways:
1. Flush mounted on a wall with two wall anchors and screws (provided). 2. Corner mounted when available wall space is limited. 3. Free standing for accounts with no available wall space. This option is useful in smaller facilities with significant flying insect control pressure

Enhanced Catch: The reflective panel found behind the bulbs is attractive to flys. when landing on the panel, patented low-voltage J-tronics stuns flying insects causing them to fly directly into the hidden glue board.

Hidden Glue board:
Sensitive accounts and accounts with low tolerance for the presence of flys benefit from the hidden glue board found on the bottom of the trap.

Easy to Service:
The lift and service grill and the universal glue board make this trap easy and economical to service.

Low Maintenance Cost:
With only one glue board to replace and annual replacement of bulbs, this unit is inexpensive to maintain and quick to service.




Dimensions mm
(Height Width Depth)



110 Volt 60Hz Vector Classic
303 x 543 x 166


2x15 Watt


220-240 Volt 50Hz Vector Classic
303 x 543 x 166


2x15 Watt

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