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We Stock ,supply, install and service proven flytraps certified for food preparation areas.

Fly Traps And Translucent Tecnhology

Genus® Cobra Insect Light Trap




Fast Food



Commercial Kitchens

Food Production

Genus® Spectra Compact LED


Restaurants & Cafes


Supermarkets & Retailers

Hospitality Sector

Office Spaces

Hospitals & Laboratories

Electro Engineering

Pioneers of Electrical Safety in NZ

Electro Engineering ltd was founded by Frederick Baker snr and partners in 1979, manufacturing and servicing various equipment and electrical appliances for food industry companies.

They also pioneered electrical safety tests and tags of appliances and equipment in NZ .

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Powering Progress with Safety

Electro Engineering

Pioneers of Electrical Safety

Electro Engineering provide electro mechanical services, and also manufacture appliances for commercial use, and are agents for various alternative brands. They pioneered electrical safety testing of appliances and equipment in New Zealand.

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